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Bus Stop Ads

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Highly visible at bustling city intersections, our bus stop ads deliver a significant impact. Large vertical posters can be used individually, or combined with a variety of advertising options on the back wall of the bus shelter. The ads are angled toward commuters, providing ideal opportunities for directional and market coverage campaigns. With many of our shelter locations illuminated at night, this powerful advertising tool delivers remarkable results for 24 hours every day.


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The poster panels on our bus stops provide dynamic advertising opportunities, like full market coverage and directional campaigns. Angled toward traffic at the city’s busiest intersections, these oversized posters demand attention from some of the most motivated and growing audiences in the country.

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Full House

Combining a bus shelter's posters with a portion of the back wall, creates a dynamic and cohesive advertising space. This option allows advertisers to promote their general brand, make specific offers, and provide directions to their storefront all at one location. Make a strong impact on commuters and enjoy the results.

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Curbside Castle

Our Curbside Castles offer the unique ability to maximize your impact in the marketplace by taking advantage of every available square inch of advertising space on our bus shelters. Transforming the three separate ad spaces of a conventional bus shelter into a combined super ad will undoubtedly boost your message.

Bus shelters are a powerful and effective way to reach consumers. With our ample supply of high-impact shelters across the most well-trafficked streets, your advertisements will be seen by the right customers, day and night. Our average display delivers over 43,000 weekly impressions. Even more impressive, each of our top hundred displays reach over 70,000 potential clients each and every week. Outdoor advertising is the best way to ensure your customers, both new and repeat, are regularly interacting with your business. Using the industry’s leading analytics, we strategically place our signs for optimal viewing from a range of angles. Because of this, our selection of bus shelters are the perfect option to be noticed by thousands of motivated consumers every day.

39% of U.S. residents 16 or older surveyed have noticed a bus shelter advertisement in the past month.

Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study 2019

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