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Bus Stop Ads

Highly visible at bustling city intersections, our bus stop ads deliver a significant impact. Large vertical posters can be used individually, or combined with a variety of advertising options on the back wall of the bus shelter. The ads are angled toward commuters, providing ideal opportunities for directional and market coverage campaigns. With many of our shelter locations illuminated at night, this powerful advertising tool delivers remarkable results for 24 hours every day.


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Shelter Posters

The poster panels on our bus stops provide dynamic advertising opportunities, like full market coverage and directional campaigns. Angled toward traffic at the city’s busiest intersections, these oversized posters demand attention from some of the most motivated and growing audiences in the country.

Curbside NBA

Full House

Combining a bus shelter's posters with the back wall creates a dynamic and cohesive advertising space. This option allows advertisers to promote their general brand, make specific offers, and provide directions to their storefront all at one location. Make a strong impact on commuters and enjoy the results.

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Our Spectacular option offers the unique ability to maximize your impact in the marketplace by transforming an entire bus shelter into a curbside super ad. This product allows advertisers to customize the color of the shelter structure, add three-dimensional elements, and even include graphics on the ground.

Bus shelters are a powerful and effective way to reach consumers. With our ample supply of high-impact shelters across the most well-trafficked streets, your advertisements will be seen by the right customers, day and night. Our average display delivers over 43,000 weekly impressions. Even more impressive, each of our top hundred displays reach over 70,000 potential clients each and every week. Outdoor advertising is the best way to ensure your customers, both new and repeat, are regularly interacting with your business. Using the industry’s leading analytics, we strategically place our signs for optimal viewing from a range of angles. Because of this, our selection of bus shelters are the perfect option to be noticed by thousands of motivated consumers every day.

Advertisements of different sizes can be placed within bus stop shelters. These shelters are designed to display advertisements at optimal viewing angles and distances for traffic. Bus shelters are placed along surface streets throughout busy metro areas, blanketing entire communities. Because of this, advertisements at bus stops offer the unique opportunity to reach local consumers who are in the marketplace and more likely to spend.

Bus stop ad pricing is determined by a range of factors, such as location and traffic counts. Single posters have different pricing structures than Full Houses. Rough average monthly price ranges are listed below.

Posters range from $225-$375 per period, as low as $8 per day.
Full Houses range from $550-$1,100 per period, as low as $19.60 per day.

Bus stop ads are very effective. According to the 2019 Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study, 90% of U.S. residents age 16 or older that were surveyed noticed a form of out-of-home advertising in the past month. 80% surveyed noticed OOH in the past week. More specifically, 39% of those surveyed noticed a bus shelter advertisement in the past month. The unique placement of bus shelters and their level of coverage throughout metro areas offer advertisers the ability to reach a wide range of local communities and demographics in the marketplace.

Outdoor advertising generally works best in its simplest form. The most effective ads focus on a single point, and are designed to make the message as clear and bold as possible. This allows a moving audience to absorb the message without effort. The seed has now been planted in the minds of consumers for future action, and top-of-mind awareness of your brand has been established. As a general rule, no more than ten words should be used in an out-of-home ad. Limiting to eight words is even more effective. Using a high degree of color contrast, simple imaging, and bold fonts will also give your ad the best chance at success.

Due to the high degree of repetition that out-of-home advertising delivers, building brand awareness is an excellent way to use a bus stop ad. Prominently display your logo and/or name of your business, along with branded colors or design elements to make a lasting impression in the minds of consumers as they pass your bus shelter everyday. Your brand will be the first to come to mind as soon as those consumers need your product or service.  

Another highly effective use of bus shelters are directional ads. Guide drivers straight to your storefront. Big arrows work great when used properly. If you don’t have a storefront, you can just as effectively direct traffic to your website. Either way, this is a great way to instantly increase activity and sales.  

If you’re planning to offer an exciting deal or need to promote a special event, bus stop ads are the a great way to reach a large number of potential customers at a very low cost per thousand. Bus stop ads are the most effective and cost-effective way to reach local consumers while they’re in the marketplace.

Another unique benefit of bus stop advertising is the range of options it offers. Bus shelters usually include two or three large advertising poster frames, along with advertising space on the back wall of the structure. The posters are angled toward traffic in either or both directions. Advertisers can choose any combination of these spaces to fit their needs. 


Our bus stop shelters generally include two to three poster ad options. Each poster measures roughly 6 feet tall by 4 feet wide, and they can be rented as singles or in combination. Some bus shelters have posters that all face traffic in one direction. Others have posters that face traffic approaching from both directions. Many of Street Media Group’s bus shelter posters are illuminated throughout the dark evening hours, providing a full 24 hours of advertising exposure. 


Combining all of a bus shelter’s posters with the back wall of the structure is called a Full House. This combination of ad space allows advertisers to create dynamic and cohesive campaigns that demand the attention of commuters. Each ad space can be used to convey separate messages, or they can be combined to create one large unified message. 



A Spectacular takes bus stop advertising to a whole new level. This option allows advertisers to use the entire bus shelter structure to promote their ad. Spectaculars combine all of the bus shelter’s posters, the entire back wall, and even the sitting bench. Advertisers can also choose to change the color of the bus shelter structure to fit their design needs. Other elements can also be included to enhance a Spectacular campaign, such as structure attachments, ground graphics, and three-dimensional objects.

39% of U.S. residents 16 or older surveyed have noticed a bus shelter advertisement in the past month.

Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study 2019

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