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Customizable Billboards at Your Fingertips

Partnering with Lucit, SMG is excited to combine ground-breaking technology with our robust inventory of digital outdoor advertising products. The results offer SMG clients direct access to our digital signs, with the ability to create and control messaging from the convenience of their own device. Advertisers can now promote extensive and evolving inventory with ease, as well as communicate with the public in real time.

Tap into your inventory system to automatically generate an endless number of ads with updated photos, prices, and details. Snap a photo of your latest happy customer and post a thank you message on the billboard they’ll pass on their way home. Brag up your top-notch team with salesperson of the month promos and testimonials. 

Take advantage of incredible advertising power from the convenience of your smartphone.


Connect your dealer management software to our billboards, and allow the technology to promote your inventory with ease. Photography, pricing, mileage, and other details for each vehicle will automatically update on the billboard ads as they change in your data system. 

Real Estate

Now our billboards can connect to your MLS system, automatically generating ads for your available properties in real time. Your billboard ads will update photos and other details as they change in the MLS. Once a listing has sold, it is automatically removed from the billboard rotation. 

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Custom Content

Impress your audience by posting a photo of your latest customer to the billboard they pass on their way home. This tech allows you to communicate with the public in real time, with a process as easy as making a post on social media. 

In addition to these powerful tools, this technology also allows our clients to control the frequency of different ads with ease, promoting specific price ranges or product types more often than others. Make adjustments on the fly from your phone with the click of a button. 

77% of consumers surveyed say digital boards catch their attention

Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study 2019

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