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Traditional Billboards

One of history’s most trusted forms of advertising, billboards continue to reach massive numbers of consumers every day at an extremely low cost per thousand impressions. Our signs are strategically placed along some of the busiest roadways in all of Colorado, providing advertisers the ability to make their own impression in a very BIG way.

Commuters throughout Colorado’s Front Range can attest, traffic is ALWAYS heavy. This is why our billboards located throughout the area perform so well, consistently delivering an impressive number of viewers every day. We’re proud to offer two of the only full size, 14ft x 48ft billboards along the northern I-25 corridor, each exposed to over 87,000 vehicles daily, and illuminated during night hours. In addition, our in-town billboard inventory allows advertisers to reach Front Range commuters on a more local level.

Delivering consistent message repetition and building top-of-mind awareness for your brand, our traditional billboards should be a serious part of your marketing discussions.

If your goal is to make a big impression on a massive audience, look no further.

Billboard Reach


Our billboards are located along some of the busiest roadways in Colorado, resulting in an extremely high number of ad impressions. Our two full size billboards on I-25 near the Longmont exit combine for over 592,000 weekly impressions on adults 18 and over. There is simply no better way to promote your business.

Billboard Frequency


Be a constant and consistent presence to thousands of consumers every day for extended periods of time. Because the number of commuters continues to grow, traditional billboards deliver your message with extremely high ad frequency and viewer repetition that other media simply cannot achieve.

Billboard WildHorse3


For those who demand more, we recommend billboard extensions. Elements of your ad can extend past the standard dimensions of our signs, creating a visual effect that is simply impossible to ignore. In a game that's all about attracting attention, extensions are an excellent way to make a BIG impression.

Studies show that 76% of U.S. residents 16 or older surveyed have noticed a billboard in the past month.

Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study 2019

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