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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No, you’re billed once every 4 week billing period.

Digital billboards can be customized for nearly any budget, allowing our signs to fit into a wide range of marketing plans. We also offer an extended line of transit advertising opportunities, allowing you to reach consumers on surface streets throughout the city. These products can be used to create highly-effective advertising campaigns at budget-friendly pricing. Outdoor advertising’s ability to build and reinforce brand awareness proves it should be a consistent piece of your marketing plan.

The success of an out-of-home advertising campaign is measured in real, tangible, and sustained results through increased consumer activity and ultimately, a stronger bottom line. Higher brand awareness causes more web searches, clicks, likes, and shares. It drives more consumers to your door, inbox, and phone. If you can track the general activity of your business, you can track the success of your billboard campaign.

Both are great for different reasons. Digitals tend to be in higher profile locations and are great for marketing. They offer advertisers the ability to change messages often, so you can educate your audience and promote multiple campaigns. Static signs have a constant presence, making them excellent for creating and strengthening brand awareness.

Placement strategy depends on the unique goals of your business and campaign. For example, you can direct traffic to your storefront using a collection of signs in a concentrated area, promote an event to specific demographics in different neighborhoods, or spread your brand across large areas. Our experienced team of account executives is the absolute best in the industry. Tell us your story, what you’re about, and what you want to accomplish with your out-of-home campaign. We can help develop a successful strategy that delivers real results.

The more content you squeeze into a billboard design, the less likely it will be effective. Remember, our audience of consumers is on the go. It’s important for us to attract attention and convey the message in a short window of time. An effective billboard design requires little to no effort by the viewer, but instead is automatically absorbed into the minds of commuters as they make their way past the sign. Our goal is to plant a seed, so your business is top of mind when consumers are ready.

Be careful not to get caught up in specific font sizes. There are all kinds of conflicting studies that claim to know the most effective letter sizes from different viewing distances. But so many other variables affect legibility, such as typeface, line width, traffic speed, color, contrast, etc. Our advice is to keep it simple. Determine the single message you want to promote, boil it down the fewest words possible (we recommend no more than eight total words), then make that message as large as possible using a bold, sans-serif typeface. Use highly-contrasting colors so the words stand out from the background. Now test your design by glancing at it from a distance, similar to a commuter driving down the road. Trust your eyes to tell you whether or not your message is effective.

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