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Bus Ads

Our bus ads roll through the major transit arteries of our hand-picked cities, demanding attention as they promote your message to motivated consumers every day. Bus advertising is an effective and low cost medium that delivers extraordinary frequency. This builds brand awareness and keeps you top-of-mind with potential customers. With a wide range of sizing options, we can offer the right bus ad for any budget.



Interior Cards

Interior bus cards are an incredible way to promote your message to a captive audience, often consisting of motivated tourists. With strong ridership throughout our robust bus fleets, your message will be consistently seen by highly sought-after demographics.

Tail ParkviewMedCenter


Bus tails offer highly visible advertising opportunities on a very dynamic space. They also offer options. Ranging from smaller rectangular ads to rear door wraps to full tail wraps, we have the right solution to fit your advertising goals and budget. Make a big impression on thousands of commuters every day.


Kings & Queens

These large rectangular ads fill the prime advertising space below the windows, and can be placed on both the street side and curb side of our buses. Considered by many to be the most effective way to gain attention and promote a message, bus Kings and Queens should absolutely be a part of every marketing strategy.

LTL EnergySmart

Larger than Life

Think outside the box with our custom Larger Than Life option. This product utilizes the standard King or Queen bus panel space, then takes it to a whole new level with additional graphics. This is a perfect way to break the mold and draw extra attention to your message. Creativity is the key, and the possibilities are endless.


King Kongs

Take the city by storm with a custom oversized King Kong bus advertisement. Canvassing all of the available advertising space between the front and rear wheels of the bus, our King Kongs deliver ENORMOUS impact. Reach thousands of consumers every day as your message makes it’s way through the most populated areas of the market.



For those who settle for nothing less than the greatest possible impact, introducing our full bus wraps. Covering every square inch of available advertising area on city buses, our full bus wraps demand maximum attention. Highly-motivated consumers are sure to notice your message every day as it travels through the most populated areas of the market.

The idea of advertising on public transportation has been around for a long time. In the mid-19th century, local department stores began placing advertisements on streetcars that horses drove across bustling cities. As transportation technology advanced, advertising possibilities boomed. 

Today, full networks of large commuter buses make their way back and forth through our most populated cities, displaying advertisements of all shapes and sizes to a wide range demographics every day. Advertisements are offered in a range of sizes for different marketing budgets.

Standard Bus Panels

Standard Bus Ad

Many bus advertisement sizes have become standardized over the years. Commonly referred to “Kings” and “Queens”, these rectangular advertisements fit neatly on either the street side or curb side of buses. There are also a range of standardized ads that fit on the back, or tail, of buses. 

Larger Than Life


A “Larger Than Life” bus ad starts with a standard King or Queen panel, then allows the advertiser to think outside the box by adding more design elements. Use a small visual extension to grab attention at a small price, or let your creative marketing ideas flourish across large areas of the bus. This customized product is extremely versatile and demands attention. 

King Kongs


StreetMedia offers a custom ad option that goes well beyond the traditional standard King and Queen. King Kongs cover the full distance between the front and rear wheels of a bus, and the full vertical height. These ads can cover windows as well as bus paneling, providing advertisers a large canvas to make their point. King Kongs are also extremely cost-effective, perfect for businesses that want to make a big impression on a budget. 

Full Wraps

Full Bus Wrap

A full bus wrap covers all of the available advertising space on a bus, transforming the entire vehicle into a rolling billboard. Advertisements can span across windows, paneling and doors. Full wraps demand maximum attention as they make their way through busy metro areas.

Interior Cards

Interior cards promote your message to a captive audience inside the bus, often consisting of motivated tourists. With strong ridership throughout our robust bus fleets, your message will be consistently seen by highly sought-after demographics.

Bus ad pricing is determined by a range of factors, such as size and market. Standard-sized ads have different pricing structures than larger custom options. Rough average monthly price ranges are listed below.

Standard Panels:
Kings range from $350-600 per period, as low as $12.50 per day.
Queens and Tails range from $300-400 per period, as low as $10.75 per day.

Custom Ads:
King Kongs and Larger Than Life range from $600-1200 per period, as low as $21.50 per day.
Full bus wraps range from $2,500-3,000 period, as low as $89.25 per day.

Outdoor advertising generally works best in its simplest form. The most effective ads focus on a single point, and are designed to make the message as clear and bold as possible. This allows a moving audience to absorb the message without effort. The seed has now been planted in the minds of consumers for future action, and top-of-mind awareness of your brand has been established. As a general rule, no more than ten words should be used in an out-of-home ad. Limiting to eight words is even more effective. Using a high degree of color contrast, simple imaging, and bold fonts will also give your ad the best chance at success.

Studies show that 78% of U.S. residents 16 or older surveyed have noticed transit advertising in the past month.

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