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Digital Billboards

Street Media Group offers five of Denver’s top ten digital billboards and over three million weekly impressions.

According to weekly impression statistics developed by OOH industry standard Geopath, Street Media Group is proud to offer the top three digital billboards in the Denver DMA, with another two digital signs ranking in the top eight. Our digital inventory throughout Denver delivers over three million weekly impressions, creating a tremendous visual impact along the I-25 corridor and beyond.

Our billboards are carefully placed on the busiest roadways and intersections in Colorado to create tremendous visual impact on thousands of consumers every day. Combining outdoor advertising with digital technology results in exciting opportunities for advertisers of all budgets. State-of-the-art LED displays create stunning visuals with brightness and color that simply cannot be achieved in print. Digital billboards offer the versatility to update your messages instantly, reaching your audience in real-time. This technology also provides the flexibility to promote different ads at specific times of the day, month, and year.

Our displays run on eight ad slot rotations. Choose from a full slot in the rotation, half slot, or toggle between different locations. Each ad displays for six or eight seconds at a time, guaranteeing a full slot advertiser at least 1,700 spots every day!

The best part, StreetMedia allows our digital clients an unlimited amount of ads with absolutely ZERO production costs.



North I-25

Northern Colorado


Billboard pricing is determined by a range of factors, such as size, location and traffic counts. Digital billboards have different pricing structures than traditional billboards. Rough average monthly price ranges are listed below.

  • Full Size Digital Billboard: Roughly $2,500-$9,500
  • Jr. Size Digital Billboard: Roughly $400-$1900
  • Full Size Traditional Static Billboard: Roughly $1,200-$4,500
  • Jr. Size Traditional Static Billboard: Roughly $700-$1,500

Street Media Group’s inventory includes billboards priced as low as $15 per day.

Many factors determine a billboard’s cost per thousand impressions, such as size, location, duration, supply & demand, etc. Some billboards in StreetMedia Group’s inventory offer a CPM as low as $1.

Billboards have been a highly effective form of advertising since the 1830s. According to the 2019 Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study, 90% of U.S. residents age 16 or older that were surveyed noticed a form of out-of-home advertising in the past month. 80% surveyed noticed OOH in the past week. On average, 85% of people who noticed a billboard in the past month engaged with the messaging. 66% of viewers used their smartphone in response to seeing an out-of-home ad. Billboards are intentionally placed in high traffic areas to capture as many impressions as possible. As traffic counts increase across the country, billboards continue to deliver more and more impressions.

Traditional billboards are generally printed on large sheets of paper or vinyl material. This material is then installed onto the billboard structure for display. These billboards are typically sold on a longer-term basis to offset the cost of production and installation. One of the main advantages of traditional billboards is exclusivity. They offer advertisers the ability to promote a brand and message at a specific location without interruption, delivering valuable ad repetition to commuters and consumers. 

Digital billboards display ads electronically. This eliminates production costs and allows multiple advertisements to share time at specific locations. Without production costs, advertisers have the ability to promote multiple messages with ease. Advertisers can buy space on digital billboards at different levels of frequency, affecting the rate at which their ads play within a certain amount of time.

Typically, multiple advertisers will share time on a digital billboard. Ads are remotely programmed into the billboard’s computer, and then are displayed in a continual loop. The billboards display each ad for a specific amount of time, generally six to eight seconds. Advertising time is sold at different rates of frequency, determining how often each advertiser is displayed on the digital billboard.

In the world of billboard advertising design, less is more. The most effective billboards ads focus on a single point, and are designed to make the message as clear and bold as possible. This allows a moving audience to absorb the message without effort. The seed has now been planted in the minds of consumers for future action, and top-of-mind awareness of your brand has been established. As a general rule, no more than ten words should be used in an out-of-home ad. Limiting to eight words is even more effective. Using a high degree of color contrast, simple imaging, and bold fonts will also give your ad the best chance at success.

Due to the high degree of repetition that out-of-home advertising delivers, building brand awareness is an excellent way to use a billboard. Prominently display your logo and/or name of your business, along with branded colors or design elements to make a lasting impression in the minds of consumers as they pass your billboard everyday. Your brand will be the first to come to mind as soon as those consumers need your product or service.  

Another highly effective use of billboards are directional ads. Use all of that space to clearly guide drivers to your storefront. Spoiler alert, big arrows work when used properly. Don’t have a storefront? You can just as effectively direct traffic to your website. Either way, this is a great way to instantly increase activity and sales.  

If you’re planning to offer an exciting deal or need to promote a special event, billboards are the best way to reach a large number of potential customers at a very low cost per thousand. If you use billboards to tell the world about your offer or event, you can expect big results.

To put it simply, a digital billboard can hold up to eight advertisers running at full capacity. However, this all depends on how the advertising space is sold. We divide advertising space on a billboard into eight equal slots. Each of those slots represents a different advertiser every six or eight seconds, depending on the specific billboard. The billboard continually loops through the eight advertising slots. However, these slots can be split and sold in half slots as well. An advertiser with a half slot would see their ad play once every other time through the full rotation.

Our billboards rotate ads at a rate of either six or eight seconds, depending on the specific location. If a billboard is completely sold out, each advertiser can expect to see their ad play once every 48 seconds (six second rate), or once every 64 seconds (eight second rate). If the billboard is not completely sold out, it will use the available space to deliver more spots to all of the advertisers.

A full six second slot delivers roughly 1,700 plays every 24 hours. Our boards that run eight second slots will deliver roughly 1,200 plays every 24 hours. On a billboard running at full capacity, both options deliver roughly 3 hours of play per advertiser every 24 hours.

Our digital billboards play each ad for either six or eight seconds. These timeframes are determined by the length of viewing time for each specific billboard. In either scenario, our digital billboards delivery roughly 3 hours of play per advertiser every 24 hours.

DigitalBillboards Daypart 1

Day Parting

Reach consumers with real time, relevant messaging by rotating multiple creatives based on the time of day. Your ads can change automatically at specified times, offering incredible flexibility.

DigitalBillboards Countdown 1


Our digital products know the current date and time, allowing ads to count down to any scheduled event. Creating a sense of urgency, countdowns give extra pop to your next event promotion.

DigitalBillboards LiveFeeds 1

Live Feeds

Display live information to your audience, such as updated scores from the big game, today’s top headlines, or current weather conditions. This level of versatility can help you make a big impression.

Studies show that 83% of viewers can recall at least one ad they viewed while passing a digital display.

Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study 2019

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