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Bench Advertising

Bus stop benches provide a great platform to constantly keep your message in front of the public. The least expensive product of all outdoor advertising platforms and yet they reach the same number of viewers. 

Standard options measure 2ft x 6ft, an impressive size with close proximity to local commuters. Our benches are angled toward traffic, making them a perfect fit for directional advertising as well as brand awareness. Of course, upgrades are available. Ask one of our Account Executives about our Enhanced Benches, adding serious kick to a product that’s already designed to be extremely visible. 



Enhanced Benches

Enjoy all of the benefits offered by our standard benches, and DEMAND the attention of commuters by expanding beyond the typical ad space. There is simply no better way to make a big statement to throngs of commuters.



Because our benches are strategically placed along busy surface streets, they are the perfect product for directing daily commuters straight to your location. The right message can keep your storefront hopping with eager consumers.

Bench BrandAware

Brand Awareness

Repetition and frequency are key elements to building effective brand awareness. Our benches are placed in locations that target local daily commuters, offering you the ability to create awareness with consumers as they navigate the market.

50% of U.S. residents 16 or older surveyed have noticed street level ads in the past month.

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