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#3 Ranked Digital Billboard Near Boulder, Denver - UN-1001B

UN-1001B: Highway 36 Westbound at the Boulder Turnpike

UN 1001B 2

Surrounding zip codes: 80221, 80002, 80260, 80216, 80211, 80031, 80030, 80003, 80212, 80229

According to weekly impression statistics developed by Geopath, this sign ranks #3 among all digital billboards throughout the Denver DMA.

The only digital billboard location on the coveted Boulder Turnpike captures large audiences of westbound commuters on Highway 36 en route to Westminster, Broomfield, and Boulder. Thousands of motivated consumers navigate this stretch of road every day, packed full of popular destinations like the University of Colorado, Butterfly Pavilion, Flatiron Crossing Mall, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Interlocken, and many others. This sign is expertly positioned to put your business in front of your target audience.

1,700 Six-Second Spots Daily

No Production Costs

Flexibility to Rotate Multiple Messages

Change Ad Designs as Often as You Like

Digital Messages Offer 83% Viewer Recall

Combining the power of outdoor advertising with digital technology results in exciting opportunities for advertisers of all budgets. Digital signs offer the versatility to update your messages instantly, reaching your audience in real-time. Target specific demographics and promotions at the perfect time, all at no production costs.

A full slot on just one of our digital billboards delivers thousands of spots per day. Plus, our digital networks provide an exclusive advertising environment, where other media spots are broken up by programming content.



Day Parting

Reach consumers with real time, relevant messaging by rotating multiple creatives based on the time of day. Creative can change automatically at specified times.



Our digital products know the current date and time, and can count down to any scheduled event. The countdown feature updates constantly, displaying live dynamic content.


Live Feeds

Use digital feeds to relay live information to your audience, such as updated scores from the big game, today’s top headlines, or current weather conditions.

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77% of consumers surveyed say digital boards catch their attention

Nielsen Out-Of-Home Advertising Study 2019

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